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Announcing App::Midgen v0.32

So what’s new?

  • Follow the meta-2 phase-requirements naming.
  • The ablity to recast phase-requirements.

Plus theres more

  • App::Midgen v0.30 which was a refactor to support Perl 5.8.x

A Couple of other blogs that now make sense to share with you

Announcing App::Midgen v0.28

So what’s new?

  • Now with support for prereqs->runtime->recommends Meta-CPAN-spec v2
  • Internal scanner update and why
    • New scanner UseModule, Module::Runtime support
    • Scanner Eval now supports try Blocks as well.
    • Internal scanners now provide version strings, used by infile, output format
  • Changes to the output formats:
    • Output format, eumm, added for ExtUtils::MakeMaker (enabling –> META.json)
    • Updates to metacpan && cpanfile to show prereqs->runtime->recommends

Announcing App::Midgen v0.26

So what’s new?

  • Added Two more output formats:
    • infile, output format, module v perl files they were Found in
    • metajson, output format META.json
  • Internal scanner update and why
  • Finish off conversion to Type::Tiny

Announcing App::Midgen v0.24

So what’s new?

  • Some extra speed taking advantage of some new developments in:
    • PPI::XS
    • Perl::MinimumVersion::Fast
  • Re-factor the Output formats to composed Roles
  • Start of conversion to Type::Tiny

Announcing App::Midgen v0.22

So what’s new?

  • Switched output format type from build to mb
  • Extract more from t/ and xt/ directories
    • Find modules in Test::Requires blocks
    • Find modules in use_ok BEGIN blocks
  • Supports suggests in on_test in cpanfile