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midgen 0.28 plus


  • Flowchart
  • infile – Installed

Food for thought, if we update our Modules, don’t we want our users to use the current version, so should we not by default do the same with others Modules. Thus we always show the current version number, regardless.


now extracting RuntimeRecommends

The following is the current logic of what midgen is doing and the order it dose it in. All internals now follow the meta-2 phase-requirements naming as and where applicable for clarity.

infile – Installed

This enharcment to output infile to include Installed was suggested by mst++

  • Installed – found in @INC not in the distribution we are scanning.
  • Version – found in module includes within your distribution ( use Module::Name 0.123; )

In the end I opted for some color: Missing in red ether++

The following is the result of midgen -f infile

NB: I always work with ‘White on Black’